ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System (ISMS)

WHAT IS ISO 27001?

An Information Security Management System (ISMS) is a set of norms based on exercising of data risk management to perceive where the risks are, and then treat them through the execution of security safeguards.

ISO 27001:2013 is the only auditable International standard for an ISMS. It is a structured approach to handle company’s sensitive information.

The goal of ISO 27001 is to guard a company's confidential information. This is done by learning what potential issues could happen to the information, and specifying what has to be done to prevent such issues from taking place.


  • 2021 is in the era of IOT & digitization and organizations are transforming and digitizing their data into computers these days.
  • The most important asset for any company must be its data. The shareholders expect & demand for data privacy. It would become a total disaster if any sensitive data gets hacked or stolen.
  • There is an ever growing number of laws and regulations concerning data security, and the good news is that most of those laws can be complied with by employing ISO 27001:2013.


Data security management is a primary concern for every financial companies, insurance firms and banks.

  • ISO 27001 standard is suitable for any kind of organisation, regardless of its size, kind, nature, sector or activities such as Hospital, Health Care, Trade, Production, Service, Software/IT Companies, etc. Several government bureau including the Income Tax Department are ISO 27001 certified. Such departments store the citizens's personal data which are very confidential; therefore securing it is their foremost concern.


  • Safeguard data and avoid possibilities of potential cyber attacks
  • Sustain company’s reputation
  • Avoid financial losses caused by information breach
  • Prevents exploit and unapproved alteration of data
  • Limits access to information only to authorized members
  • Gain competitive advantage: When you are one among the few companies with ISO certification, you will have an advantage over the others in the eyes of those clients who are sensitive about keeping their data private.
  • ISO 27001 focuses on preventing security clashes from happening. Irrespective of the severity, each loss costs money. Hence, by preventing them, your business will save many bucks.
  • Typically, fast-developing businesses do not find time to stop & define their processes. This is why very often the workers do not know what has to be performed, when, and by whom. Implementation of ISO 27001 helps resolve such instances, as it insists companies to put their main processes in writing (even those that aren't related to security), which will enhance the company's efficiency.

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