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International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a global standard body that sets various requirements for a Quality Management System.
Being ISO certified gives you many benefits. You will gain a competitive advantage that will increase in your company's revenue. A good quality management system will reduce your costs and increase productivity.
Absolutely. We have worked with one or two people employed businesses. ISO Certification is beneficial even for all companies regardless of its size.
Seeking the help of a consultant is highly advisable. Gaining access to a consultant's knowledge and expertise is a wise decision. And if you urgently need to obtain this certification,using a consultant is the most practical approach. We offer many flexible options to meet all the needs.
The processing time depends on multiple factors such as the size of your company, complexity of your processes, etc. For a small organization, we aim to deliver within six to eight weeks, but this will differ from company to company. Certification can be obtained within a week after successful completion of audit.
No, paper works are less. As we are standardizing, only the initial documentation would consume some time and even this can be facilitated too. After standardization, companies have to update the day-to-day works.
Yes, we will assist you in auditing faster and efficiently. We charge only for our service, the transfer is free.
Review/inspection of a company's procedures and processes of its Quality Management System to check the quality process system to ensure that organization is following the requirements as prescribed. Once you take an ISO certification, ISO audit needs to be done on an annual basis.
Even if you are in a different location, audit can be done remotely i.e via telephone, email, online call, etc. It is same as the on-site audit.
Yes, it is possible to have different ISO certifications for the same company. We have helped companies integrate several ISO certifications, such as the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, for instance when they manage Quality & Environment Management system.